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Internet Explorer Toolbar


This plug-in for Internet Explorer and FireFox allows you to save and then automatically fill out web forms with data.
A special WebForm object is created in order to store this data.

Installing IE Toolbar (FireFox toolbar is the same)

Step 1: Install Aurora Password Manager (Download Now).

Step 2: Start Internet Explorer. A new button will appear on the toolbar.


Click it and you will see the plug-in toolbar for filling out a web form.

Step 3: Move the toolbar where you need it. If you cannot move the toolbar, right-click some empty place on the Internet Explorer toolbar and select 'Lock the Toolbars' item in the context menu.

Working with Internet Explorer Toolbar

Step 1: Open or create a new password file.
You can do it by selecting the corresponding command in the menu.

If you have opened a password file before, you will not have to enable it again. The plug-in automatically enables the last opened file. If there is a password set, you will be asked for it only once while saving or filling out a web form.

Step 2: Saving web forms
Load a web form to the browser, fill out its fields and click the Save button. You will see the dialog box for saving the web form. You can use it to specify the name of the web form, the folder to store it in and also you will see the list of web forms saved for the current hyperlink.

Step 3: Filling out web forms
You can load a saved web form by selecting it in the list after clicking the 'Web Forms' button. It will open the page with the web form and after it is loaded completely, its fields will be filled out with the saved data.
Also, if you visit a page there is a web form saved for, a special button will automatically appear in the right part of the toolbar. You can click it to fill out this form.

You can view and edit saved web forms in Aurora Password Manager.

Enable Aurora Toolbar in Maxthon

Enable Aurora Toolbar in Slimbrowser